Rental Property Cleanup

In a perfect world, tenants would always take everything with them when they move out of a rental property. Unfortunately, tenants often end up leaving a mess for you to deal with. This means you cannot begin showing the property until it is back to move-in-ready condition.

Rental Property Cleanup

Furniture, Trash, and Hoarder Homes

It isn’t uncommon for tenants to leave behind a lot of furniture and trash. It’s usually not because a tenant is lazy or purposely trying to make life difficult. It’s typically because the tenant either doesn’t have a way to move the items or cannot take the items with them to their new place. However, some people also hoard. These people love collecting items and rarely throw things away. If they pass away or are forced to move, mountains of trash are often left behind for the owner to clean up.

Construction and Remodeling Debris

Sometimes remodeling and repairs are needed after a tenant moves out. Carpets might be stained, toilets might be broken, or appliances might be beyond repair. You may end up having to remodel more than you planned to get the property back to move-in-ready status. If you have to postpone showings to remove junk, you can lose a lot of time. When it comes to rental properties, losing time most often means losing money. Each day your property isn’t in the proper condition to rent is a day you lose money.

How We Can Help

Rental property cleanup is a hassle you don’t need as a landlord. Items are often bulky and heavy, requiring multiple people on a cleanup team. We can quickly and efficiently rid your property of all unnecessary debris. We will remove everything from your property, including appliances, construction debris, furniture, bathtubs, landscaping debris, and more.  Contact us today to get a quote on your property.