How much does trash hauling and junk removal cost?

Trash hauling and junk removal is a fairly affordable service. About 90% of the time, it will be the cheapest item that goes into maintaining your property.

When we price trash hauling and junk removal projects, we are looking out for a few things. We want to know how much time and labor is going to be required to disassemble/haul off the required items. Also, our team will need to consider the weight and volume of the items being hauled away. We go to a few different disposal sites that base their pricing structure differently (weight/volume) so that we can get you the best price when having our copmpany perform the services.

Most customers can expect to pay between $200 on the low end and $650 on the high end. Of course there are smaller and bigger projects than this, but we find that most customers are relatively satisfied with the cost/work associated and do not bat an eye at our pricing structure.

What do you not pick up?

We will pick up just about anything. A lot of trash hauling and junk removal companies refuse to pick up items like paint and chemicals because of the additional costs and hassle in proper disposal of the substances, but you should know that we’re a 100% customer-service based company. This means that we will pick up all household chemicals and paints (granted, there is an additional fee), and will dispose of them properly.

The only types of junk removal and trash hauling that we are not suited for is hazmad-required/biohazardous cleaning settings. For these types of projects, we recommend that you call a professional service provider who specializes in those kinds of projects.

How soon can you get out here?

We will schedule you the same day that you call in, and most of the time we can get you serviced the same week or a few days out.

We work at a very fast and efficient pace so that we can serve as many customers as possible. We also understand that a lot of times, when you’re calling in to have something removed, you want it done right away. As a customer-service based company, we do our very best to provide you with the fastest service possible.

Is there any way I can have free junk removal?

There are a few different places available in the Greater Houston Area. As a commercial trash hauling company, we do not qualify for free dumping because of the high number of trips we would be taking all the time. However, regular homeowners are allowed to come and dump a few times a month without having to pay disposal fees to the city.

We encourage customers who can carry all of the trash themselves, but do not want to pay for the dumping fees to go visit the internet and look up “free landfill dumping” near them. This will help them to find a place that is close to their home and will accept free trash and rubbish.

What’s your best price?

We do not negotiate pricing for a few different reasons:

One, it’s not fair to you if we are going to negotiate the price. Why would we have given you our first number if we could do the project for a lesser price?

The second reason we do not negotiate pricing is that we have confidence in our service and respect for our customers. When we go out to a job, we will never lower the quality of service that we deliver. Because of that we do not lower our prices. We show our customers the respect of unmarred customer service and expect them to show appreciation for our pricing structure in return.

Lastly, we are a company that’s in high demand. We set our pricing based on the reliable model of “price and demand.” We know that we will not be able to offer our services to every customer that calls in, but for the customers that are willing to pay our modest fees, we will provide them with the best service experience that they’ve ever recieved.

What’s your service area?

We service the following areas for your convenience: West University, Bellaire, Medical Center, Richmond, Rosenberg, Greenway Plaza, Pasadena, Angleton, Cypress, Conroe, Clear Lake, Columbus, Crosby, Down Town, Dickinson, Dayton, Dickinson, Montgomery, Baytown, Galveston, Galleria, Houston, Inside the Loop, Pearland, Katy, Cinco Ranch, Kingwood, League City, South Houston, Lake Jackson, Spring Branch, Bunker Hill, Upper Kirby, Piney Point, Rice Military, Pin Oak, Montrose, Kemah, River Oaks, Tanglewood, Willis, Sharpstown, Tomball, Woodlands, Heights, Missouri City, Memorial, Manville, Mount Belvieu, Garden Oaks, Cy-Fair, Fort Bend, Maplewood, Magnolia, Humble, Hobby Area, Rice Village, Spring, Old Katy, San Leon, Sugar Land, Bear Creek, Shadowbriar, Royal Oaks, and Westbury.

Do I have to pay sales tax?

Yes, we charge all of our customers sales tax unless we receive a sales tax exemption form prior to submitting the invoice.

We charge all customers sales tax because it’s required by The State of Texas. Please see tax rule 3.356 under “Real Property Services,” for more information on the collection of sales tax for trash hauling services.

Does somebody need to be there for you to haul trash and remove junk?

No, most of the times we arrive to jobs, we are by ourselves and able to complete the entire project while the property manager or homeowner is offsite somewhere else.

How do you guys price the trash hauling and junk removal?

A few of the things we consider are time, costs, and dumping fees associated with the trash we will be hauling off for you.We have to pay fees to the landfill and while we will are providing the service of transporting all of the trash, we are still not exempt from paying the local and municiple fees associated with dumping.

Each job is priced in a way that guarantees we will make a profit, be able to cover the cost of our dumping fees, gas, labor, and overhead, and also be at fair enough price that you are happy to refer us to your friends!