4 Ways to Declutter Your Bedroom for Extra Space

Everybody loves sleeping in a room free of clutter. As much as you love a clean room, you sometimes cannot help but let your bedroom accumulate unnecessary items, and before you know it, it is untidy, uninviting and full of mess. If you are tired of tripping over your shoes or can’t find stuff in your bedroom, here are four tips to declutter your bedroom for extra space.

4 Ways to Declutter Your Bedroom for Extra Space

Conduct a Regular Declutter Sweep

Set aside 30 to 60 minutes every week to declutter your bedroom. You can decide to declutter in one swoop or break down the decluttering into 15-minute sessions throughout the week. Before you begin take a laundry basket and a recycle bin and do the following;

  • Collect and put items out of place in the bin and take them to their rightful locations.
  • Fold clean clothing, then put them back in the closet after placing dirty ones in the laundry basket.
  • Sort out the nightstand drawers and dresser drawers for unnecessary items and place them in the recycle bin.
  • Go through the recycle bin and return items not belonging to your bedroom in their correct rooms.

Declutter Your Closet

Clutter in the closet frequently takes the form of items you no longer use as well as items that never made it back onto the proper rack as well as stacked on your shelf. Take a few extra seconds to fold or hang the items that can be hung on hangers instead of placing them in the laundry hamper, and place the dirty items in the hamper. The best strategy for avoiding garment, accessory, and shoe clutter is to make fewer purchases. Always strive to dispose of the things you don’t wear often rather than delaying the decision.

Utilize Bowls and Baskets to Deal With Clutter

Bedrooms frequently accumulate a lot of unique stuff, like watches, jewelry, novels, and trinkets. Use bowls or baskets to collect jewelry, eyeglasses, and other essential items as you sort, arrange and put them out of sight.

Buy Furniture With a Storage Option

Consider other options, such as furnishings with built-in storage, if your closets or cabinets simply aren’t big enough to hold all you need. The ottoman at the foot end of your bed not only offers a sitting place when wearing your shoes, but it also has storage space for additional blankets, towels, and other items you might need.

Once you declutter, you will realize that you have a lot of junk that needs to be disposed of. At Sunny Trash Hauling, we offer junk removal services at personalized rates for different job sizes. Contact us (contact us)today for your next junk removal.