How to Prepare for a Rental Property Cleanout

When a tenant vacates your rental property, every moment that it sits empty while you clean it out can add up to lost income. And while many cleaning companies do a great job on periodic cleanings, few are equipped for the heavy-duty cleaning and trash removal needed when a tenant moves out. Here are three factors to consider when you hire someone to do a rental property cleanout.


How to Prepare for a Rental Property Cleanout

Get an estimate for the project

Every property cleanout job is different, which is why it’s important to obtain an estimate beforehand. Things like flights of stairs, appliance removal, and even outdoor cleanup will determine the project effort and the overall cost. Be sure to avoid companies that want to charge you for the estimate or that want full payment upfront. A reputable company will work closely with you to provide an accurate estimate before starting on any work.


Decide what stays and what goes

A full service trash hauling company can make everything from the largest appliance to the smallest piece of yard debris disappear. Before beginning any cleanout effort, you should review the job details with the trash hauling company. Which appliances are being thrown out and which ones will stay? Is outdoor cleanup needed? Does anything need to be disassembled or stored for use in another property? These are all questions to think about well before the cleaning day arrives.


Ensure proper trash and junk disposal

Depending on the size of the rental property, you may end up with piles of mattresses, old appliances, furniture, and even leftover food! Piling up all these items on the curb is typically not an option. Depending on the local laws and regulations in your city, items may need to be taken to the local waste management site or to a recycling center. And different rules may apply for yard debris or construction trash. A qualified trash removal company will take these rules into account and dispose of all trash correctly.


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