4 Effective Tips to Dispose of Your Television

When you decide to upgrade your television, you’d want to do away with the old set. Unfortunately, you’re not allowed to dispose of the old set together with the trash. There are several ways to dispose of your television effectively. Here’s what to do.

4 Effective Tips to Dispose of Your Television

Donate the Television
Some local authorities accept an old television that is still working. You can contact such organizations and find out if they need the television. If the set has been in the storage area for some time, check it out first before donating it. This is to ensure that the television is in good condition.

Sell It for a Small Token 
Selling a television is another option to dispose of it. Some people might be interested in it as long as it is still working. Fortunately, you have several options, such as online platforms to market the television and identify potential buyers. Options include apps, Facebook, and other platforms to list the TV set and get potential buyers.

Drop it off to a Recycling Program 
In some towns, you will find several drop-offs and pick-up areas for old televisions and other items. When looking for such programs, find out when you’re supposed to drop off the set. This is because some programs have drop-off policies. Also, check online for the relevant programs within your area and determine whether the program is certified to offer the services before you hand over the television.

Return It to the Manufacturer 
If you bought a television from a manufacturer accepting old TV sets, you would be lucky enough to take it back to the manufacturer. First, contact the manufacturer and find out if they accept old televisions. You may need to give out more details about your television so that the manufacturer determines whether it is worthwhile to be taken back. The manufacturers might give you some small money as a token for your old TV.

Contact a Local Junk Removal Company
Most junk removal companies accept old television sets. They pay the customer a small fee as compensation for the television. If you plan to dispose of your old television and do not know how to go about the entire process, contact us today at Sunny Trash Hauling for effective and seamless services.