3 Things You Should Know Before an Eviction Clean Out

Evicting a tenant is not fun because it comes with many costs and a lot of work on your part as the landlord. When accessing the property, you may discover a lot of junk mixed with valuable items. You will need an eviction clean out before a new tenant occupies the property.

If you handle the clean out incorrectly, the evicted tenant may sue you even if they owed you money during the eviction. It is important to handle the eviction clean out properly to ensure everything is in order for your new tenant.

Here are some things you should know before you start an eviction clean out.

3 Things You Should Know Before an Eviction Clean Out


After the eviction, you will be left with a house full of items. As a landlord, you can hold onto valuable items for some time, but not every item in the house is reclaimable. Leaving garbage, dirty clothes, loose packaging, and perishable items will invite pests to your property. Plan for an eviction clean up so you can set aside valuable goods and keep your property free from pests.

A junk removal company will help you sort out the items and dispose of the unwanted ones.


You should check your state laws before you hire professionals for your eviction clean out. Landlords can claim property left by an evicted tenant if they still owe them money for back rent. If the tenant causes any damage to your property, some states offer a lien on any property left behind. You can, however, get rid of trash and any broken items.


Before you evict a tenant from your property, you should inform them so they can get a chance to correct or leave. You should let your evicted tenant know where they can collect their belongings in writing. Make sure to mention that a junk removal company will cart the items away after a certain time.

Cleaning out by yourself after an eviction can take you days or weeks. Sunny Trash Hauling will help you with your eviction clean out in no time. Contact us today to find out what we offer.