How to Get Rid of an Old Hot Tub

The dream is getting the hot tub, but no one talks about the day when you want to get rid of it. Whether it doesn’t fit the needs of your home or just plain old doesn’t work anymore, there may come a day when that hot tub needs to go. However, the question is how do you get it out of there?

How to Get Rid of an Old Hot Tub

The good news is that this is very much a job that you can call someone and get it done rather than try to do it yourself. It just so happens that “someone” is unexpectedly a junk hauling company. While much of our work is coming over and picking up a bunch of old junk, occasional disassembly falls in our realm too. So how do junk hauling companies remove a hot tub?

If it hasn’t already been done, we start with draining the water out and getting it as dry as possible. From there, we will use electrical saws to cut down the old tub into chunks that are able to be quickly removed. If the hot tub is freestanding, this is a pretty easy task, but still also possible if the hot tub is somewhere like built into a deck.

One thing that you will want to do is be very clear with your junk hauling service before they head out on what you need done. In order to best prepare for the job, we will want to know what we are in for. When scheduling the appointment, be clear that the hot tub needs to be uninstalled so the technicians know they need to bring specific tools in order to do so quickly.

Whether it is an old hot tub, a mattress, or various odds and ends that you need to get rid of, we can help. Contact us today to see what Sunny Trash Hauling can do to get all the junk clogging up your home out of the way for good.