Considerations When Cleaning Out an Evicted Tenant’s Space

With luck, as a property manager, you will never have to deal with an eviction. Unfortunately, few are ever so lucky. When you do have to issue an eviction, you obviously want to turn that space around for a new paying tenant as soon as possible. That can be a little more difficult when it is filled to the brim with stuff. If you are dealing with an eviction, here are a few considerations to keep in mind when cleaning out their space.

Considerations When Cleaning Out an Evicted Tenant's Space

Sorting the Trash

While it may be tempting to just heave everything into the trash, you will want to sort obvious trash from anything of potential valuable. This can help you with other parts of the process as well as help you make a decision on whether or not you can use city trash service to remove the junk or need to call a junk hauling service.

Holding Valuables

Depending on where you live, your evicted tenants may have 30 days to come back and collect anything of value. In some areas, as the property manager you have the right to sell valuables in order to attempt to recoup some of the missing rent or costs for cleaning the space. Before selling or disposing of valuables, it is best to consult state laws on the matter to know for sure.

Contacting the Tenant

If you can get in contact with an evicted tenant, it is a good practice to do so in order to let them remove some of their things. If nothing else, it makes less work for you to do later. There are some state laws that do require you to do this step as well.

Getting Rid of the Junk

In an eviction, it is likely that you will have some larger items on hand that can’t be stuffed into a trash bag. For this, you will want to contact a trash hauling service. You may also be able to get specific services aimed at eviction clean out to help keep your job as property manager to a minimum.

If you have an evicted tenant who left a lot behind, contact us today to see what Sunny Trash Hauling service can do to help.