Three Tips to Help You De-clutter Throughout the Year

De-cluttering your home always stands out as a time-consuming process since you need to look into the fine details. You need to move everything around in your home and determine what belongings you will get rid of. You may wonder how you can get this done, especially if you can’t decide on a starting point. We’re here to share three ways you can remove clutter throughout the year.

Three Tips to Help You De-clutter Throughout the Year

Take It One Room at a Time

Since removing clutter from your home can seem intimidating, you need to break up the process to make it easier. Instead of thinking about your entire house, you should take it one room at a time. You can also work on the room for a bit each day, making it easier in the long run.

Set Monthly Goals

Even if you take it in small steps, you should still set monthly goals. Otherwise, you run the risk of neglecting your clutter, so you may never remove it. Figure out how much of your home you can look through in a month and shoot for it. As you do so, you can encourage yourself to remove clutter.

Categorize Your Belongings

Deciding on what you should remove can be difficult, so you need to categorize your belongings. Take some time to decide if your belongings are needs, wants, or unnecessary. For example, you need to have food, you want your TV, but you don’t need an old shoe. If it’s unnecessary, you can get rid of it.


Since removing clutter can take tons of time, we wanted to make these suggestions to help you out. As you focus on removing clutter and utilizing these tips, you can speed up the process and address it slowly throughout the year. If you need help removing items from your home, you can contact us to grab those belongings and dispose of them for you.