Key Benefits of Outsourcing Construction Debris Removal

Construction debris removal is part of the contract, but that’s not really what you’re paying your contractors and crew for, is it? Before you decide to use your crew as a commercial trash hauling service, let’s take a good look at the key benefits of outsourcing construction debris removal.

Key Benefits of Outsourcing Construction Debris Removal

Increased Time

How long will it take your crew to remove all the construction debris? Every hour and every day your crew is working on removing construction debris is an hour and a day they aren’t working on a building or renovation contract.

In addition, does your crew know what the local laws are for specific types of debris removal? This question is especially important when you travel between states or counties for construction jobs, as each area has its own codes and ordinances. It takes time to learn the local rules, which also takes time away from the construction job at hand.

Plus, the cost of inaccurately removing construction debris that may be considered hazardous, or taking the wrong type of debris to the wrong sanitation facility, can be costly in many ways.

Decreased Liability

Construction work is recognized as hard labor, and the more skilled the construction work, the more focus the worker or contractor needs to have. Removing construction debris can be distracting to construction workers, and it can lead to even more fatigue.

The cost of having a construction worker or contractor who has become too unfocused or too fatigued is very high. From falls to severed limbs and all the worker’s compensation claims that come with them, accidents are an exorbitant liability that can be lessened through outsourcing construction debris removal with a professional, commercial trash hauling company.

In addition, the last thing a company needs is a job to be completed with safety issues or other costly mistakes while workers and contractors are tired and distracted.

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